A rum that's everything you never dreamed.

Two women smelling rum.

Joyfully changing perceptions. One glass of rum at a time.

A new style of aged rum. Light and dry with a prehistoric, native Australian botanical.

We embrace new ideas and wild dreams about the way we create and appreciate rum.

Two women in sugarcane fields with glasses of rum.

Open-mindedly paving the way. Putting Australia on the map for rum.

Created with the same rigour and respect as traditional aged rums, but overflowing with Australian ambition and imagination. We find ingredients with purpose that:

  • Reflect our landscape.

  • Celebrate our 65,000 year history.

  • Showcase the magic of Australia.

Bunya Nut Rum

  • Tasting notes: Light & elegant. Starts with burnt sugar, moves to a peppery middle, finishes delicately smoky & dry.

  • Blend: A personally selected blend of 2, 3, 4, 5 and 8 year old rums.

  • Barrel: Matured in American oak ex-bourbon barrels. Finished in French oak ex-muscat barrels.

  • Botanical: Native Australian bunya nuts. The nuts were foraged, opened by hand, roasted and fire-charred.

How to enjoy a Birds of Isle. With tonic over ice.

To be appreciated and savoured before a meal.

  • 1 part Birds of Isle bunya nut rum

  • 3 parts tonic

  • Ice & orange peel twist garnish

Rum is a wonderfully misunderstood spirit.

We're two Australian women who want to change the perception of rum. We want to create a new culture for rum, and put Australia on the map for it. Because rum is made from sugarcane, and we crush around 30 million tonnes of sugarcane each year. A better relationship with rum is waiting.

Explore & discover a different world of rum

What is rum made from?

Rum comes from sugarcane. Long, lush and grassy, sugarcane grows along a 2,000km stretch of coastline on the east coast of Australia. Growing in subtropical and tropical climates, it's Australia's 2nd largest export crop.

Is sugarcane sustainable?

Yes. It's a rapidly renewable crop that's more effective at capturing carbon than other common plants. Its waste pulp is also used to generate renewable energy, bio-based plastics and sustainable paper alternatives.

Is our label made from sugarcane?

Yes! Our label is a sustainable paper alternative made from sugarcane waste pulp.

Rum created by women.

Native Australian ingredients.

Everyday luxury.